YC-backed DearBrightly makes Rx skin care more accessible

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Almost everybody wants better skin, but not everyone wants to put in all the heavy lifting required.

But DearBrightly, a Y Combinator-backed company, wants to simplify the process of making Rx retinoids accessible to everyone.

Retonoid is an umbrella term for both retinols and Rx retinoids, which are made from Vitamin A and promote rapid skin cell turnover, helping with skin issues from aging to acne. Retinols, however, can be found over the counter and are proven to be much weaker than prescription retinoids, as they’re often missing the active ingredient of retinoic acid.

In other words, retinols are far more accessible but far less effective than Rx options. On the other hand, setting aside time to see a dermatologist for purely cosmetic reasons isn’t always a priority for folks, even if they want better skin.

That’s where DearBrightly steps in.

Users simply log on to DearBrightly and answer a few questions about their skin, formulated in collaboration with…

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