Y Combinator’s quest for diversity

From Techcrunch

Entrepreneurs, investors, press and other tech enthusiasts are flocking to the Computer History Museum in Mountain View later today to take part in a yet another Y Combinator Demo Day. Diversity hasn’t always been a priority at YC, but its president Sam Altman has been relatively vocal about diversity and the accelerator’s push to increase it in recent years.

In YC’s Winter 2017 batch presenting today and tomorrow, 8.6% of the companies have a black founder. Across the board, 8.3% of all the founders in this batch are black. But representation of Latinx founders is significantly lower. Only 4.3% of the startups have a Latinx founder and just 3.8% of all the founders in the batch are Latinx.

“The percentage of women who apply to YC is roughly the same as the percentage of women who get funded,” YC President Sam Altman wrote in YC’s annual letter last month. “The same is true for Black and Latino founders.”

The last time YC released batch-specific diversity…

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