UK to criminalize re-identifying anonymized personal data

From Techcrunch

A major update to the UK’s data protection rules will place new requirements and responsibilities on companies that process users’ personal data, including by making it easier for consumers to withdraw consent their data to be processed; view what data is held on them for free; ask for their data to be deleted; and move their data between service providers.

The government published a statement of intent yesterday for the forthcoming data protection bill, setting out its aims and thinking, and confirming it will repeal the existing Data Protection Act to avoid creating any legal conflicts or confusion.

Under the incoming rules, teenagers will be able to ask social media companies to delete information posted in their childhood, for example — expanding an existing European legal ruling around a so-called ‘right to be forgotten‘ which currently applies to how search engines can index the personal data of EU citizens.

While widely used, much derided pre-ticked ‘consent’…

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