Twitter erupts as England reaches World Cup semifinal


Could it be? Is football coming home? England fans remained in their delirious happy dream on Saturday as England beat Sweden 2-0, advancing to the country’s first World Cup semifinal in 28 years. 

England hasn’t won the World Cup since 1966, but hopes are high for this year’s team, and social media was bubbling over with memes and jokes.

One popular tweet was fake. A tweet pretending to be from English defender Harry Maguire and dated 2016 declared what seemed to be a prescient hatred of Sweden due to what sounded like an IKEA project.  The tweet had Maguire saying, “Just spent four hours putting together a flat-pack fucking desk lamp. I will seek vengeance on the nation of Sweden, in this life or the next.”

But as fans were quick to point out, Maguire’s real account shows he didn’t join Twitter until 2017. Still funny though.

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