The Moto Z’s Alexa Smart Speaker is mostly useless

From Techcrunch

The Moto Z is a phone built around a strong gimmick, but it’s a gimmick nonetheless. A little over a year after release, the company has added some interesting Mods to its selection, but none have offered an entirely compelling justification for the phone’s modular system.

That certainly applies to the new Alexa Smart Speaker. On the face of it, the addition is a no-brainer, riding on the surprising success of Amazon’s home assistant. The Mod brings the popular AI to the Moto Z, while turning the phone into a sort of makeshift version of the Amazon Echo.

Sounds good, right? And the Mod is surprisingly well-crafted — but there’s one key hangup with the add-on: its price. At $150, a lot of the handiness of having an add-on that turns your phone into an Echo kind of goes out the window. That, after all, is $50 more than the second-generation Echo — and the same price as the Echo Plus. Heck, it’s $20 more than the Echo Spot, which also has a screen built in.


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