The great enterprise chat race

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Against all odds, Slack has emerged as the darling of enterprise chat.

The competitive deck appears nearly stacked against the startup, and it seems that every other month a new product launches from a major tech company that’s billed in the tech press as the next “Slack Killer.”

What Slack does isn’t actually all that original as startup ideas go. It merely provides an environment for teams to share information inside a chat client. Yet it has been able to ride a wave of popularity attracting users, capital and a set of worthy challengers.

Even as Slack makes IPO-sounding noises, competitors continue to saddle-up. Perhaps, then it’s the perfect moment to take a look at the enterprise chat space and what all of this activity means for Slack as it battles the giants of the tech world.

Slack by the numbers

Since Slack launched four years ago it has raised over a half a billion dollars, pushing its valuation to $3.8 billion. What’s more, the company has gone from…

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