Marketing and investment firm Wareness expands beyond hardware

From Techcrunch It’s been about three years since PR firm VSC launched Wareness, a “studio” within the larger organization that provides consulting services and seed funding to hardware startups. Since then, Wareness... Read more »

Facebook replaces its old inbox with the web version of Messenger

From Techcrunch Just under two years ago, Facebook introduced a web interface for its private chat application, Messenger. Now, Facebook is integrating that same web app into the desktop version of Facebook, where... Read more »

Theranos closes its last remaining blood-testing lab after it reportedly failed an inspection

From Techcrunch Theranos is closing down its last remaining blood-testing facility after the lab reportedly failed a regulatory inspection, according to a Wall Street Journal report. The company, once valued at $9 billion,... Read more »

Lumo opens up its backend technology to third-party providers

From Techcrunch As the fitness wearables market continues to climb, Lumo Bodytech, a startup making wearables focused on things like running and posture, has decided to further business revenue by licensing its platform.... Read more »

Former Microsoft executive and noted AI expert Qi Lu joins Baidu as COO

From Techcrunch Just a day after it opened an augmented reality lab, China’s internet giant Baidu has beefed up on its AI talent after it announced the hiring of former Microsoft executive Qi... Read more »

It’s on like (a) Donkey Kong (watch)

From Techcrunch If you’re familiar with the watch company Romain Jerome you’d know that they do the best kind of pandering. The brand, which was once known for its odd watches made... Read more »

The year in analytics | TechCrunch

From Techcrunch Sameer Al-Sakran Crunch Network Contributor Sameer Al-Sakran is the founder and CEO of Metabase, an open source business intelligence company. More posts by this contributor: How to join the network... Read more »

Innovation under the hood will rev the engines of a fintech revolution

From Techcrunch When the internet was first created in the 1970’s and 1980’s with the introduction of the ARPANET its early years were focused on the development of infrastructure and protocol —... Read more »

Putting the “intelligent” machine in its place

From Techcrunch Recent issues around machine learning biases and ethics make it clear that math and data can only take us so far. The recent fake news debacle and the efforts of... Read more »

Crunch Report | Nintendo Switch Hits the Market on March 3

From Techcrunch Nintendo Switch to hit the market on March 3, San Francisco District Attorney brings lawsuit against Lily, Moon Express is going to the Moon and Microsoft buys AI startup Maluuba.... Read more »