The last frontier of consumerizing travel lives in the workplace

From Techcrunch According to a 2014 study by Google, 74 percent of leisure travelers relied on the internet for travel planning. That’s not surprising; it’s generally understood that most consumers make travel... Read more »

Crunch Report | Soylent Is Back

From Techcrunch Super Mario Run is the most downloaded app in 24 hours on the App Store, Soylent is back with its reformulation and we now know why Facebook’s drone crashed. All... Read more »

Motorola’s hackathon winning Moto Mods include a gamepad and skin care monitor

From Techcrunch You’ve got to hand it to Motorola, the smartphone maker does appear committed to its nascent modular smartphone offering. The company launched the Moto Z back in July, alongside four... Read more »

America’s problems are Silicon Valley’s next investment

From Techcrunch Rounds versus appropriations. Term sheets versus term limits. Silicon Valley and Washington speak different languages, but we mostly understand each other. The same is less true of conversations between the... Read more »

Verizon is letting Samsung brick the Note 7 after all, but waiting until after the holidays

From Techcrunch About a week ago, Samsung announced that it was finally ready to be done with this whole Note 7 situation, once and for all. The company issued a release stating... Read more »

Just Eat pays up to £240M for Delivery Hero’s UK ops, £66M for Canada’s SkipTheDishes

From Techcrunch Yet more regional consolidation is underway among the giants of take-out and delivery startups in Europe as they gear up to compete more aggressively against newer entrants like Deliveroo and Uber Eats.... Read more »

Researchers implant the first 3D-printed blood vessels into monkeys

From Techcrunch Scientists at Sichuan Revotek and the Regenerative Medicine Research Center of West China Hospital at Sichuan University have successfully embedded 3D-printed blood vessels into simian test subjects. The vessels, which... Read more »

Forget Spectacles, group messaging is Snapchat’s most important launch in 2016

From Techcrunch There was neither fanfare nor pizzazz, but yesterday Snap — the company formerly know as Snapchat — quietly shipped a new feature that could dent other messaging apps and obstruct upcoming social startups.... Read more »

The 2017 Mazda3 in the middle

From Techcrunch The 2017 Mazda3 provides more evidence of advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) technology trickling down to more affordable cars. Between the luxury of the 2017 Volvo S90 and the Spartan appeal... Read more »

Android Pay is now available in Japan

From Techcrunch Android Pay continues its international rollout with a launch in Japan today, some six weeks after Apple’s own mobile payment service reached Japanese shores. Google has partnered with Rakuten to power Android... Read more »