We’re building roads to withstand last century’s climate

From Ars Technica Does it make sense to build something that will almost certainly end up wrecked before its useful lifetime is over? In most contexts, the answer is clearly “no,” since... Read more »

8,500 Verizon customers disconnected because of “substantial” data use

From Ars Technica Verizon is disconnecting another 8,500 rural customers from its wireless network, saying that roaming charges have made certain customer accounts unprofitable for the carrier. The 8,500 customers have 19,000... Read more »

Lawyer films his traffic stop, even after cop says to stop, citing made-up law

From Ars Technica The police chief in Wilmington, North Carolina, has publicly lambasted one of his officers. The officer recently pulled over a local attorney moonlighting as an Uber driver and told the... Read more »

MacBook Pros with Touch Bars banned from law exams

From CNET Sarah Tew/CNET Apple‘s refreshed line of MacBook Pros have been good for the company, but law examiners aren’t sharing in the excitement. MacBook Pros equipped with Touch Bars are being... Read more »