Pepsi cans Kendall Jenner protest ad amid internet outcry

From CNET That time Pepsi caused an outcry. Pepsi/Screenshot by CNET Pepsi likely didn’t imagine its latest ad, about a protest, would make it the target of one. But when offended viewers... Read more »

Invader Zim will return to TV “soon-ish” with creator, original cast

From Ars Technica Invader Zim teaser for a new animated TV movie Invader Zim, the Nickelodeon animated series that ran for two seasons in the early ’00s, will end its longtime television absence... Read more »

London-based Forward Partners closes new £60M fund to invest in startups at idea and Seed stage

From Techcrunch Forward Partners, the London-based VC firm originally founded by Forward Internet Group and headed up by Nic Brisbourne, has closed a new £60 million fund to continue investing in tech... Read more »

​More woke than Coke: Pepsi slammed for tone-deaf protest ad

From CNET You remember where you were. The day you walked alongside Martin Luther King. The countless hours you spent occupying Wall Street. That time Kendall Jenner gave you a Pepsi… The... Read more »

Utah Supreme Court ruling bars direct sales of Teslas through a subsidiary

From Ars Technica Enlarge / A Tesla showroom in California where direct sales are legal. Patrick Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images In a decision on Monday, the Utah Supreme Court decided (PDF) that the... Read more »

Aurora’s massive LightningStrike VTOL UAV just got one step closer to reality

From Techcrunch A vertical take-off and landing craft (VTOL) that can stand toe-to-toe with combat helicopters a concept taken directly from sci-fi – it’s almost the default futuristic military ship among Hollywood... Read more »

Smart smoke detector buying guide

From CNET Adding smarts to smoke detection can feel like walking a treacherous path. Old-fashioned smoke detectors have served as a fine warning system for a long time. Yes, between false alarms... Read more »

Did Reddit’s April Fool’s gag solve the issue of online hate speech?

From Ars Technica Enlarge / The final, community-built image stamped onto before the 72-hour experiment was shut down on Monday morning. Reddit Data stored and shared on the Internet is almost... Read more »

WhatsApp will reportedly launch peer-to-peer payments in India within 6 months

From Techcrunch WhatsApp may be about to introduce peer-to-peer payments in India, which is its largest market with over 200 million users. A report from The Ken, an India-based subscription media company... Read more »

Facebook’s second News Feed rockets to a world of content

From CNET Did you get a golden ticket to the new Facebook icon? It’s a little rocket ship that appears in the apps of select Facebook users, next to the News Feed... Read more »