Amazon’s best Black Friday deals 2018: Available now and coming soon

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Artifact beta: Learn how to play Valve’s first card game… and how to pay

From Ars Technica Enlarge / It’s a beta! A beta that will take your money. Valve’s next video game, a card-battling computer game called Artifact, will be a tricky one to review... Read more »

China’s hottest news app Jinri Toutiao announces new CEO – TechCrunch

From Techcrunch You may not have heard of ByteDance, but you probably know its red-hot video app TikTok, which gobbled up in August. The Beijing-based company also runs a popular news aggregator called... Read more »

Buster Scruggs review: Coens’ western homage is pretty slow on the draw

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We’ve run wild on the Switch version of WarFrame—and it’s solid

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Sheryl Sandberg claims she didn’t know Facebook hired agency behind ‘abhorrent’ anti-Soros campaign – TechCrunch

From Techcrunch Sheryl Sandberg has denied that she obstructed early investigations into election meddling and claimed that she was unaware Facebook was involved with an agency that ran “abhorrent” anti-Semitic campaigns that targeted George Soros... Read more »

Meet Oprah, the omnipotent VR bug, in Crow: The Legend on Oculus

From CNET John Legend voices Crow, whose mission to save the world introduces him to an all-powerful being in the unlikely form of a bug, played by Oprah Winfrey.  Baobab For all... Read more »

Sun’s closest solo star may have company

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Here’s the teaser trailer for Niantic’s Pokémon GO-style Harry Potter game – TechCrunch

From Techcrunch The good news: Niantic/WB Games/Portkey has released a trailer for “Wizards Unite,” the Harry Potter game built in the same spirit as Pokémon GO. The bad news: It… doesn’t show... Read more »

Amazon announces NYC and Northern Virginia as HQ2 winners

From CNET The Spheres, an Amazon workspace that’s also a bio-dome filled with 40,000 plants. James Martin/CNET After a year of hype and anticipation, Amazon picked not one, but two locations for... Read more »