This medieval astrolabe is officially world’s oldest known such instrument

From Ars Technica Enlarge / Left: A laser imaging scan of the so-called Sodre astrolabe, recovered from the wreck of a Portuguese Armada ship. Right: The astrolabe is believed to have beeb... Read more »

It’s time to start caring about “VR cinema,” and SXSW’s stunners are proof

From Ars Technica My pick for SXSW 2019’s best VR film, Metro Veinte, asked viewers to sit in wheelchairs while they watched the 18-minute film. Sam Machkovech Another top pick, the BBC’s... Read more »

At a quick Los Angeles event, Tesla announces the 300-mile-range Model Y

From Ars Technica Front Shot of Model Y. Tesla A side look at the Model Y. Tesla … Read More – At a quick Los Angeles event, Tesla announces the 300-mile-range Model... Read more »

Boeing’s fixes to 737 MAX software delayed by government shutdown, report claims

From Ars Technica Enlarge / A Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashed in October 2018; a software fix based on the investigation was delayed by the US government shutdown. It’s possible... Read more »

Suburban zombies are back and ravenous as ever in Santa Clarita Diet S3 trailer

From Ars Technica The family that preys together, stays together. Drew Barrymore and Tim Olyphant star as Sheila and Joel Hammond, real estate agents with a squicky secret, in The Santa Clarita... Read more »

Nintendo Switch: Mario games go on sale for MAR10 Day

From Ars Technica Enlarge / The many faces of Mario. Today is March 10, and for fans of video games and calendar-based puns, that means it’s time to celebrate gaming’s favorite plumber,... Read more »

Citrix says its network was breached by international criminals

From Ars Technica Enlarge / The query window for username and password on a Web page can be seen on the monitor of a laptop. Jens Büttner/Getty Images Virtualization and software provider... Read more »

Sorry Amazon: Philadelphia bans cashless stores

From Ars Technica Enlarge / Shoppers scan the Amazon Go app on the mobile devices as the enter the Amazon Go store, on January 22, 2018 in Seattle, Washington. Photo by Stephen... Read more »

Uber escapes criminal charges for 2018 self-driving death in Arizona

From Ars Technica Enlarge / The Uber vehicle after it struck Elaine Herzberg. A prosecutor in Arizona has decided not to press charges against Uber in the March 2018 death of Elaine Herzberg.... Read more »

With reusable rockets on the rise, Air Force changes EELV program name

From Ars Technica Enlarge / A Falcon 9 rocket launches a GPS III satellite for the Air Force in December, 2018. SpaceX Even before the space shuttle Challenger accident in 1986, the... Read more »