Star Trek: Discovery just broke our brains

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Enlarge / Do not mess with Burnham, you Klingon supremacist scum.

A white-knuckle cliffhanger ended the first half of Star Trek: Discovery‘s first season. Frenetic, fascinating, and sometimes shocking, “Into the Forest I Go” raised more questions than it answered. There are conspiracies wrapped in conspiracies, and we’ve got the entire mid-season break to mull them over.

Spoilers ahead! Yes, I mean it! If you read past these sentences and complain about spoilers in the comments, you will be turned into a newt.

Algorithms in spaaaaaaaaace!

I’m starting to feel like every episode of DISCO has to have a Fringe-like element of mad science. Last week we had the Avatar-esque sparkleplanet, with the (sentient?) antenna rising inexplicably out of its inexplicable ecosystem. This week, we got a mission to build an algorithm that will allow Star Fleet to calculate the location of cloaked Klingon vessels.

To get data for the algorithm, our intrepid crew must do two things….

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