Smithsonian’s new tour guide isn’t human


This friendly Pepper robot wants to show you around the Smithsonian museum. 


Why bother with a human docent when a robot could give you a guided tour? Last week, the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, revealed its new employee — an interactive robot named Pepper.

The four-foot-tall humanoid robot was created by Softbank who donated 30 robots to the museum last year. 

“By interacting with museum visitors and providing insight on different exhibits, Pepper will help guide their educational experience through the Smithsonian that they otherwise might have missed out on,” Steve Carlin, chief strategy officer of Softbank Robotics, said in a statement on April 24.

Pepper is programmed to answer commonly asked questions and tell stories. The robot can react and make gestures, and is equipped with an interactive touch…

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