Samsung The Frame Release Date, Price and Specs




Today’s TVs can look nice enough hanging on the wall, but nobody would mistake one for an actual painting. Until now.

Samsung’s newest TVs try their damnedest to mimic real art. Called The Frame, the “TV” has a bezel that looks like a picture frame and displays images from its library of more than 100 art pieces, including landscape, architecture, wildlife, action scenes and drawings. You can also display your own photos.

And just like fine art, you’ll pay a pretty penny to own one. The 55-inch model costs $2,000 while the 65-inch goes for $2,800. Optional wood bezels in white, beige and walnut cost $200 for the 55-incher and $250 for the 65-incher. The Frame comes standard with a plain black bezel. 

Instead of turning off like a normal TV, leaving a blank black rectangle on the wall, The Frame is…

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