Netflix should be afraid of Disney’s OTT play

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Last week, Disney rocked the media world when it officially – and inevitably — threw its mouse ears into the direct-to-consumer over the top video ring with separate forthcoming streaming video on demand (SVOD) services for Disney and ESPN television and movies.

At the same time, Disney announced that it would no longer license its prized content to global SVOD behemoth Netflix.  With this 1-2 gut punch, Disney looked straight into Netflix’s eyes and pronounced, “Game On!”  So, how worried should Netflix and its investors be?

In a word, “Very.”

Here are a few reasons why.

Disney is supremely motivated to “win.”

In the past several months, Disney had wanted to buy – not fight — Netflix to become an instant global SVOD juggernaut (I wrote about that previously in TechCrunch).  But Netflix apparently had too high of an…

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