NASA’s Cassini snaps picture of Saturn’s wavy clouds


Cassini got a good look at Saturn’s artistic cloud patterns.

NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

Saturn is a wild and wonderful place. NASA released a Cassini spacecraft image on Monday that brings home just how different the ringed planet is from our blue and watery Earth. The view shows a close-up look at undulating waves of clouds. 

NASA has likened Saturn’s look to a watercolor painting before. The space agency dropped some more poetry this time. “Clouds on Saturn take on the appearance of strokes from a cosmic brush thanks to the wavy way that fluids interact in Saturn’s atmosphere.” 

NASA says the patterns come from the movement of clouds at different latitudes. Turbulence occurs where the bands touch, which in turn causes the fetching waves. This false-color picture is compiled from Cassini images taken in…

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