Michelin wants to put wood in your tires


Normally, the wood you’d get in a tire would be frustrating, not a sigh of environmental relief.


You might not give them much thought, but tires are an important part of your car. Trouble is, they’re not exactly filled with the friendliest materials, which is why Michelin wants to stuff ’em full of wood — and not in a way that’ll have you pulling the spare out of the trunk.

Michelin is investigating the use of wood in its tires, Motoring.com.au reports, citing an interview with Cyrille Roget, Michelin’s director of scientific and innovation communications. The wood will be sourced from industry waste, and it could help reduce reliance on something you might not think about with tires — oil.

According to Roget, approximately 80 percent of the materials in a standard car tire come from the oil industry. Using waste wood to…

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