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The book, along with a note from Boycott’s granddaughter.

Photo by Hereford Cathedral School

Arthur Boycott attended Hereford Cathedral School in the UK between 1886 and 1894. During that time, the future professor borrowed a book called “The Microscope and its Revelations” and never took it back to the school’s library.

Boycott’s granddaughter, Alice Gillett, discovered the book in his extensive collection and decided it was time to return it. On Thursday, Hereford Cathedral School shared the epic tale.

“The Microscope” is a weighty, lengthy tome published in the mid-1800s by William B. Carpenter, a medical doctor.

Boycott ended up having a distinguished career in natural sciences with a particular interest in snails, so it makes sense he would have gravitated to a book with a chapter titled “Molluscous Animals Generally.”

“I can’t imagine how…

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