Leak: Why Microsoft’s next Xbox might ‘slice’ games



The guts of the Xbox One X.

Josh Miller/CNET

At E3 2018, Microsoft revealed that the next Xbox game consoles were already underway — and that the company would offer a cloud gaming service, too.

Notice how I say “consoles,” not “console”? That’s because there will be two very, very different Xbox consoles coming to market in 2020, according to alleged insider info from Thurrott.com

One of them will reportedly be a traditional high-power Xbox game console, while the other — codename “Scarlett Cloud” — will be a lower-powered device designed to stream games from Microsoft’s servers, instead of playing locally from a hard drive or disc. 

Traditionally, such cloud gaming services mean you need a fantastic internet connection and/or nearby servers in order to avoid lag. But Thurrott.com reports that Microsoft has hit upon an…

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