Equifax reportedly used ‘admin’ as password in Argentina


Should you trust credit monitoring company Equifax to keep your personal data safe? The answer to that question may be getting clearer. Not only did the firm suffer one of the largest data breaches in history — 143 million people’s names, social security numbers, home addresses and more hacked, click here for more info — but experts keep managing to poke holes in the company’s security.

The latest comes from Argentina, where Equifax reportedly used the word “admin” as both the username and password for an employee web portal designed to protect both employees and customers who submitted credit disputes. (It doesn’t take Edward Snowden to know that’s a bad idea.)

According to cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs — perhaps best known for his role in revealing the 2013 Target data breach that resulted in the theft of around 40 million credit card numbers — the Argentinian site was secured so poorly that anyone could theoretically…

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