DJI unveils the Mavic Air portable folding drone

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DJI hasn’t done a great job keeping its drones under wraps. As with the last couple of devices, the Mavic Air leaked out just ahead of today’s official unveiling. The drone is more or less what we expected, falling somewhere between the Mavic Pro and Spark and rounding out the company’s current line of consumer-focused quadcopters.

DJI says it “went back to the drawing board” for the Air, which folds up small enough to fit into a pocket. In fact, it’s so portable that the company’s director of North America actually stuffed two of the “smartphone-sized” drones into his vest pocked at today’s event.” It’s roughly half the size of the Pro and weighs around 41-percent of its predecessor. 

There’s a 4K camera on-board, mounted on-top of a three-axis gimbal. The company’s added several photography software advancements to the system, including the ability to stitch together 32-megapixel camera shots. HDR is also on-board here, bringing better shots in…

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