Dell UltraSharp 27 (U2717D) review


The Dell UltraSharp U2717D is essentially a bigger version of the UltraSharp 24 U2417D, but it offers a higher Quad HD resolution with slightly better pixel density, and I find that both make a noticeable improvement. While the 24-inch model is nice, the 27-inch is a little sharper and gives you a nontrivial increase in display area while maintaining the same level of performance.

Dell sells the U2717D for $570 (£700, AU$850) with the standard arm, but you can find it for closer to $450 (£500, AU$650) which are far more reasonable prices for its features and specs. You can also get it with the arm I liked when I tested the U2417HA for $630 (£710). Dell Australia doesn’t seem to sell it with the arm option. Note that the U2717D sounds very similar to the older UltraSharp 27…

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