Cloud Foundry makes its mark on the enterprise

From Techcrunch

Today, more than ever, it’s open source projects that are leading the charge in how modern software is developed, deployed and managed. There’s Kubernetes for containers and OpenStack for running enterprise-grade infrastructure, for example. But over the course of the last few years, another platform — Cloud Foundry — has changed the way enterprises are developing their internal and external services.

Cloud Foundry falls under the “platform-as-a-service” (PaaS) umbrella, which essentially makes it the PaaS counterpart to OpenStack’s “infrastructure-as-a-service.” The promise of Cloud Foundry is that it abstracts all of the grunt work of running the infrastructure and more high-level services like databases away and gives developers a single platform to write their applications for.

The premise here is that what sits underneath Cloud Foundry shouldn’t have to matter to the developer. That can be an on-premises OpenStack cloud or a public cloud like AWS, Google…

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