Only 5% of IBM’s Mac and iOS users call support, compared to 40% of Windows users

IBM is saving money with every Mac it buys, the company says, thanks to far fewer support calls, costs and resources needed.

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VMware buys email startup Boxer, will merge with AirWatch

VMware was drawn to Boxer by its enterprise-grade personal information management (PIM) product for iOS and Android devices, which uses a container approach to app management... Read more »

And the first non-Nexus phone to get Android 6.0 is…..

LG takes the lead on pushing Android 6.0 to phones, with the G4 in Poland seeing the software next week. Other European regions, Asia and the... Read more »

Telstra TV streaming device launches

The telco's media-streaming device has launched, providing customers with access to Netflix, Foxtel, Presto, Stan, and catch-up services from free-to-air television networks. more Read more »

Thanks to Microsoft, iPhone 6s Plus is now a great enterprise smartphone

Without Microsoft's support of iOS, I'd most likely have left the Apple iPhone behind. Thankfully, Microsoft continues to actively support iOS and propels the iPhone 6s... Read more »

Acer Jade Primo smartphone ready for Continuum with keyboard, mouse in the box

The Windows 10 Continuum feature supports connecting a phone to desktop peripherals, turning it into a capable PC. Acer's upcoming flagship phone supports the feature, and... Read more »

Unexpected tech lessons learned on a camping trip

Wi-fi is just about ubiquitous now but connections aren't always very good -- and that's just one of the problems you can run into on the... Read more »

​Security service access to personal data? Sure, why not? says Romania

Warning of heightened risks from terrorism and organized crime, Romanian politicians have passed a 'Big Brother' law to give state agencies access to private data stored... Read more »

SingPost buys US e-commerce player for $168M

Postal service operator purchases a 96.3 percent stake in TradeGlobal Holdings, as it looks to beef up its e-commerce logistics network globally.

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OpenStack’s Liberty is out but what’s in the new release?

Kilo's big theme of making popular open-source cloud platform OpenStack easier to use continues with new features in the Liberty release - but there's also a focus on scaling.

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