The Rejection Letters That Burned Everyone From George Orwell to Aspiring Clowns

To examine the idea of failure, Taryn Simon compiled a series of fascinating rejection letters into one 13-second video for Instagram. Check it out here.

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Google and Apple Surge Ahead in Race for Patents

Google, Apple, and other tech outfits continued their patent spree in 2013, surging past industrial giants like GM and General Electric in total number of patents awarded.
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The New Porsche Targa Has a Magical Pop-Top

Porsche has built the most beautiful 911 Targa in a generation,?a gorgeous throwback to the 1967 original opens and closes in a mesmerizing mechanical ballet that took three years to engineer.
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A Magic: The Gathering</em> Movie May Be Coming to a Theater Near You

Prepare for planeswalkers -- Magic: The Gathering is probably headed to the big screen. more Read more »

Federal Court Guts Net Neutrality Rules

A federal appeals court nullified key provisions of the FCC's net neutrality rules, opening the door today to a Wild West-style of internet delivery and allowing online-access providers to block content or... Read more »