Google Can’t Forget You, But It Should Make You Hard to Find

“The Right to Be Forgotten” sounds catchy. And, yes, the language of “erasure” laws and “disappearing” messages is captivating. Unfortunately, these popular words are fatally inaccurate in the privacy context. As a... Read more »

Will We Still Have Fruit if Bees Die Off?

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Develop Code to Study the Higgs Boson and Win Cash Prizes

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A Slick Product That Makes Digital Music Feel Human

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Google’s Robots Are Solving the Biggest Problem in Modern Photography

Google thinks, correctly, that the worst thing about modern photography is the part where you actually have to do something with all the pictures you take. Now, it's doing something for you... Read more »

The Age of Quantum Computing Has (Almost) Arrived

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The Future of Quantum Computing Could Depend on This Tricky Qubit

Peering into his cabinet of curiosities on a recent spring day, Bob Willett, a scientist at Bell Labs in Murray Hill, N.J., nimbly plucked a tiny black crystal from the shelves and... Read more »

The Next Big Thing You Missed: Airbnb’s Human Brains Crunch Data Better Than Computers

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What’s Up With That: Metal in the Microwave Explodes—Or Does It?

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A Fearmongering Anti-RPG Comic Gets the Film Adaptation It Deserves

In the 30 years since its publication, a tiny 22-panel tract by evangelical cartoonist Jack Chick has become a cult classic among gamers. And now, it's getting an official, licensed film adaptation.... Read more »