And Now For Something Completely Different, Leadership Changes

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As you may have read, our beloved co-editor Eric Eldon is moving on to do other... Read more »

And The Winner Of Our First Hardware Battlefield Is… CubeSensors!


Three days go by awfully quickly, don't they? The Consumer Electronics Show — and by extension our Hardware Battlefield — only started on Tuesday but... Read more »

Google Play Services Gets Improved Mobile Ads And Multiplayer Support, Google+ Sharing And Preview Of Drive API


Google today started rolling out the latest version of its Google Play services for Android. Just like earlier updates, version 4.1... Read more »

Oculus VR’s New “Crystal Cove” Prototype Is Kind Of Amazing


Oculus VR has been showing off a new version of its virtual reality technology at the Consumer Electronics Show. According to Vice President... Read more »

It’s Never Too Early To Say Goodbye

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“You can't just quietly slip out the door,” I've been told by too many people I trust. So okay, fine, here's this post about... Read more »

Bioniq Health Compares Features And The Quality Of Health Trackers

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Health trackers, from pedometers to smart scales, are flooding the market and there's no place to conveniently compare all the... Read more »