Senator Al Franken Condemns Today’s Net Neutrality Ruling

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On the heels of today's ruling overturning net neutrality, Senator Al Franken aggressively condemned the decision,... Read more »

The Pegasus Touch Laser SLA Is A Sexy Printer That Can Build Your Hi-Res Dreams

If you know me you know I like two things: sausage and 3D printers. While I primarily use FDM printers like Makerbot at home,... Read more »

ff Venture Capital Raises $52M Across Two Funds, With One Focused On New York State


ff Venture Capital announced in a blog post this morning that it has closed its third fund — or rather, two funds, ff... Read more »

Here’s What Steam’s New Virtual Reality Interface Looks Like

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Early this morning, Valve announced that they were working on a new interface for Steam, custom-tailored for virtual... Read more »

Rethinking Windows And Apple Device Volume

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Horace Dediu of Asymco does good work. Yesterday he published a thought-provoking article entitled “When Apple... Read more »

Horizon Shoots All Of Your Videos In Landscape, No Matter How You Hold Your Phone

looping forever small

looping forever

Good news! You just shot what might be the world's funniest video ever. You're going to be a... Read more »

Youmiam Is A Soundcloud For Recipes Coming Out Of France

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French startup Youmiam released a new version of its recipe sharing website and just announced that it has raised... Read more »

As App Store Optimization Heats Up, MobileDevHQ Goes Free, Launches API


A company helping mobile developers optimize their app store listings for better discoverability, MobileDevHQ, is this week making its basic set of tools... Read more »

Jelly Sees 100K Questions In First Week Says RJMetrics, Of Which 25% Received Answers


Jelly, the new startup from Biz Stone that's designed to help people crowdsource answers to any question they may have, has been on... Read more »

Twitter Can Now Target Ads Based On Email Addresses And User IDs

Twitter just announced some new capabilities in its recently launched Tailored Audiences program for ad retargeting, and it sounds like the company is enabling some pretty... Read more »