‘Robotic bartender’ can mix you a cocktail

If you've ever been at a crowded bar or a packed party, you have probably waited a long time for a drink.
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Hey, Goodyear: ‘Ice Cube’s a pimp’

There's a classic rap song from the early 1990s called "It Was a Good Day" where Ice Cube chronicles 24 hours of peace and happiness on the otherwise rough and dangerous streets... Read more »

New tech toys from the future

Check out some of latest innovations unveiled at CES, including self-driving cars, wearable tech and ultra HD 4K TVs.
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Wikimedia Foundation employee ousted over paid editing

The Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit which owns... Read more »

The tech bringing Sinatra, Tupac back onstage

Musion Eyeliner is a revolutionary holographic system that is bringing singers of the past back to the stage
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Basis Science wants to track your sleep as well as your activity

Basis Science, the company behind the Basis B1 fitness band, has released an update it's calling the Basis Carbon Steel Edition. The... Read more »

TV trends at CES: 4K and curves

Remember 3D televisions? WebTV? Television have been a core CES category for many years. The devices got a bump with flat-screen technology but in recent years, television manufacturers have struggled to bring... Read more »

Six odd technologies at CES

Smatphones that control robots, cameras, and the temperature of your master bathroom. That's just some of the technology on display this week at the annual International Consumer Electronics Show.

You Say Goodbye and We Say Hello


This is the last day of the All Things Digital site, which began life in April of 2007 as a year-round... Read more »

Another Longtime Windows Exec Heads for the Exit as 2013 Draws to a Close


Grant George, a longtime head of software testing at Microsoft, is leaving the company, AllThingsD has learned.

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