Star Wars Resistance shorts tide fans over during midseason break

From CNET Kaz shows up in several of the Star Wars Resistance shorts. Lucasfilm Star Wars Resistance took a midseason break back in December, but Lucasfilm is keeping the spark of rebellion... Read more »

Stranger Things reveals its third-season premiere date

From CNET Happy New Year, Stranger Things fans. Netflix delivered a gift to U.S. viewers at the stroke of midnight, East Coast time, just as 2018 slipped into 2019, revealing the season-three... Read more »

2019 Hyundai Santa Fe can use a fingerprint instead of a key

From CNET The fingerprint system probably won’t be available in the US for some time. Hyundai Wireless key fobs have revolutionized vehicle access, but they’re far from foolproof — swiping the remote... Read more »

Fortnite season 7, week 4 challenges and how to eliminate opponents at Expedition Outposts

From CNET Don’t forget to drop in on The Block this week to check out the latest community creation. It’s a great one. Epic Games There will be tons of new Fortnite: Battle... Read more »

The wildest animal news of 2018

From CNET Who wins? Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET Land animals, insects and marine life stole headlines from humans throughout 2018.  Whether it was unusual animal battles, surprising new species or sea... Read more »

6 tips to set up your new Nest or Ring smart doorbell

From CNET With live video feeds and two-way communication, smart doorbells are the advanced successors to the simple peephole.  Smart doorbells are an easy way to make your home a bit more secure.... Read more »

Google Doodle has Santa Claus set for holiday deliveries

From CNET In the hours leading up to Christmas on Sunday, elves loaded Santa’s sleigh with gifts. Google And then on Christmas Eve, Santa dropped gifts down a chimney.  Google Twas the... Read more »

Gatwick airport drones incident leads to arrests

From CNET Passengers stranded at Gatwick. Athanasios Gioumpasis/Getty Images The drone-caused chaos at London’s Gatwick airport has resulted in two arrests. Sussex police said Saturday that they’d taken a man and woman... Read more »

This super house plant scrubs pollutants from your home

From CNET Houseplants do more than just add natural beauty to your abode. They also help clean the air. A University of Washington scientist tests genetically modified pothos ivy to see how... Read more »

Facebook explains Netflix and Spotify’s access to users’ messages

From CNET Facebook on Wednesday said it was necessary to grant Spotify and Netflix special access to users’ private messages to enable integration of messaging features. The social media giant said in... Read more »