Samsung health tech event: Join us at 10:30 a.m. PT Wednesday (live blog)

The consumer electronics giant's Strategy and Innovation Center is hosting an event in San Francisco. CNET will be there to bring you all the live news,... Read more »

I-Grill Portable Charcoal Grill lets you bring the beach with you

The I-Grill's design makes it easy to tote around, with a carrying handle that doubles as the support stand. more Read more »

Did she say yes to his epic marriage proposal?

To pop the question, a guy in Montana traveled to 26 different countries and made an impressive lip-synched proposal video for his sweetie.

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iRing turns you into a gesture-control iPad DJ

Lay down some beats on your iOS device with iRing, finger accessories that let you manipulate music apps by waving your hands.

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Here’s what it looks like when Ace Ventura invades ‘Star Wars’

Alrighty then! This painting that places Ace Ventura in a popular geek franchise is pretty awesome. more Read more »

This backyard has a hidden secret

Open sesame! A man invented a way to conceal a swimming pool under his backyard. Wait until you see how it reveals itself.

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Google to buy satellite startup Skybox?

A small satellite startup called Skybox Imaging is reportedly in Google's sights for an acquisition offer of around $1 billion. more Read more »

Tech Retrospect: A new Surface and another major hack

Microsoft unleashed the Surface Pro 3, and it's indeed better than before. Also, eBay got hacked, and a dude walked on the ceiling. Here's your week... Read more »

Low Latency 98: It’s never too late to do great things

Third times a charm with Microsoft's Surface 3. more Read more »

What’s Wil Wheaton’s current obsession? He tells Larry King

On "Larry King Now," the actor discusses geekdom, gaming, Net neutrality, his new show, and the role closest to his heart. Read more »