iPhones, not clothes, represent social status for teens, says researcher

Research from Piper Jaffray suggests gadgets and food, rather than clothes, are the main areas where teens spend money.

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Better than Scientology? The new Zuckerberg-based religion

An anonymous Craigslist poster seeks collaborators for a new religion based on the life and works of the Facebook CEO.

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Inside the Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Intel keeps things humming

Intel, Microsoft partnered for internal design of Surface Pro 3, resulting in power-efficient and powerful internals.
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MythBuster Kari Byron helping White House tout science

The White House's third-annual science fair is dedicated to getting more girls interested in STEM subjects. Who better to help than the famous MythBuster?
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Amazon plays hardball — and puts the hurt on consumers

Commentary: In economic fight with major publisher, e-tail giant is sacrificing not only authors, but book buyers too.

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In SF Bay, towing ultra-large ships with little tugs

A group of maritime agencies ran a first-of-its-kind exercise this week to see if they were ready to pull a giant container vessel that had lost... Read more »

Towing giant ships with little tugboats (pictures)

In a first-of-its-kind exercise in the United States, maritime officials in San Francisco organized a demonstration to see what it takes to tow an ultra-large container... Read more »

Virtual buoys may stop ships from crashing in fog

The U.S. Coast Guard is testing a series of electronic navigation aids that could help mariners navigate their way through even the lowest visibility conditions. After... Read more »

Government gag orders violate free speech, tech giants contend

Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook want clearance to disclose what type of national security information requests they receive.

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Apple, Google seek approval for $324.5M wage-fixing settlement

Court documents reveal the settlement terms for the lawsuit involving several tech giants accused of fixing wages.

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