Public posts on Facebook become results for Russian search engine

A page of Yandex search results, soon to be augmented on the front and from the back with Facebook's data.... Read more »

Earth’s devastating supervolcanoes powered by density differences

Perhaps the world's most famous supervolcano, the Yellowstone Caldera.

Devastating supervolcanoes... Read more »

Net neutrality is half-dead: Court strikes down FCC’s anti-blocking rules

The Federal Communication Commission's net neutrality rules were partially struck down today... Read more »

Winamp’s new owner has big plans for mobile, even car audio systems

As expected, AOL has sold Winamp to Radionomy, a streaming music company. Radionomy announced the acquisition of both Winamp and streaming software Shoutcast today while... Read more »

Patent stunner: Under attack, nation’s most notorious “troll” sues federal govt

Texas lawyer Jay Mac Rust, pictured here in 2006, has been revealed as the owner of MPHJ Technology Investments.
Super Lawyers
... Read more »

Supreme Court looks to rein in top patent court with two new cases

A few months ago, the US Supreme Court Read more »

How QuarkXPress became a mere afterthought in publishing

Aurich Lawson

As the big dog of desktop publishing in the '80s and '90s, QuarkXPress was... Read more »

Windows 9 rumor mill heating up, heading for an April 2015 arrival

Windows watcher Paul Thurrott is reporting that, according to his sources, Microsoft will start talking about a new Windows version, codenamed Threshold, at its BUILD conference in April. Thurrott... Read more »

Chrome rendering engine will get faster, lighter, and better offline in 2014

A Google software engineer has outlined the Blink team's plans for 2014.

In April of 2013,... Read more »

Charter tries to buy Time Warner, create cable giant to challenge Comcast

Charter Communications has offered to buy Time Warner Cable (TWC) for $61.3 billion, taking its case directly to shareholders because TWC management turned down its previous overtures.

“We haven't received a serious... Read more »