For PlayStation Now streaming, the devil’s in the unknown details

The exact size and makeup of that "library of games" is going to be quite important to Now's success.
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Help us make Ars’ mobile site better than (yet another) laser cannon

Aurich Lawson

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Coinye fights back against Kanye West with its own cease and desist letter

CES 2014: What we saw, what we loved, and what we’ll remember

The sight we saw most often at CES 2014: Vegas from the back seat of a cab.
Lee Hutchinson
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Hackers also pilfered personal data on 70 million Target customers

The retailer Target, which confirmed last month that credit and debit card information for about 40 million of its customers was stolen, today said a separate set of information... Read more »

Metamaterials could perform calculus with light waves

Our recently developed ability to structure materials at nanometer scales has... Read more »

Smart TVs getting dumber is a good and a bad thing

Really, with this remote. We can't keep doing this to our fellow human beings, Toshiba.
Casey Johnston
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No “horsesh**”: Dumping Verizon for T‑Mobile would cost me $150

Warner Bros.,
T-Mobile US yesterday made an offer that is seemingly too good to refuse. AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint customers can jump to the... Read more »

It’s not just for TVs and monitors—Toshiba’s laptops are going 4K too

Toshiba's Satellite P50t, the more consumer-oriented of its two 4K laptops.
Andrew Cunningham

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SteamOS beta picks up built-in AMD, Intel GPU support

By Andrew Cunningham Gigabyte’s Brix Steam Machine is powered by Intel’s Iris Pro 5200 GPU. Lee Hutchinson Valve and its partners took the wraps click here to read more Source: arstechica Read more »