Silicon Valley fights to keep its Dutch Sandwich and Double Irish loopholes

The "Double Irish" is a creative accounting technique that legally allows companies to reduce their overseas tax burden.

Intel’s mini PC gets less mini, but will hold more storage

Intel is offering a new larger version of the NUC that will hold an extra hard drive.
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Relief as Rosetta wakes, but we continue to hold our breath

As one of the scientists involved in the Rosetta mission, news that the unmanned spacecraft has woken... Read more »

Nest CEO makes more promises about keeping Nest away from Google databases

Nest CEO Tony Fadell onstage with CNNMoney correspondent Laurie Segall, defending Nest's privacy integrity under Google ownership.

China builds own phone OS, aims to be more secure than Android or iPhone

Definitely not Android.

China, wary of operating systems from the Western world, has... Read more »

Stealth marketing: Microsoft paying YouTubers for Xbox One mentions

A leaked image from the campaign e-mail sent to Machinima partners.

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Vietnamese hackers target EFF staffers, journalist in phishing attack

The e-mail received by EFF staffers carrying a link to malware that has been connected with a Vietnamese government campaign... Read more »

Quasar illuminates a cosmic filament—and a mystery

Image of a quasar (bright white circle at the center) illuminating part of a cosmic filament, which is the blue... Read more »

Internet users ditch “password” as password, upgrade to “123456”

"I should have added a 6."

An annual list of the most commonly used passwords, a... Read more »

HP offers Windows 7 on some new PCs “by popular demand”


What do you do if your PC sales are slumping and the newest versions of... Read more »