iPad Air 2019 vs. iPad Pro 2018 vs. iPad 2018: How the specs match up

From CNET Apple/Screenshot by Josh Goldman/CNET Getting out ahead of whatever surprises it has planned for its event on March 25, Apple announced two new iPads on Monday.  Along with a new Pencil-enabled... Read more »

This medieval astrolabe is officially world’s oldest known such instrument

From Ars Technica Enlarge / Left: A laser imaging scan of the so-called Sodre astrolabe, recovered from the wreck of a Portuguese Armada ship. Right: The astrolabe is believed to have beeb... Read more »

Facebook failed to block 20% of uploaded New Zealand shooter videos – TechCrunch

From Techcrunch Facebook said it removed 1.5 million videos from its site within the first 24 hours after a shooter livestreamed his attack on two New Zealand mosques, killing 50 people. In... Read more »

Pixel 4 XL leaked photo shows two back cameras and hole-punch screen

From CNET Every version of the Pixel to date has had a single rear camera. However, it is rumored that the next Pixel XL model will get two. Angela Lang/CNET The next... Read more »

It’s time to start caring about “VR cinema,” and SXSW’s stunners are proof

From Ars Technica My pick for SXSW 2019’s best VR film, Metro Veinte, asked viewers to sit in wheelchairs while they watched the 18-minute film. Sam Machkovech Another top pick, the BBC’s... Read more »

No Man’s Sky has a big new update due out this summer – TechCrunch

From Techcrunch After a conspicuous stretch of silence ending with a mysterious teaser tweet on Thursday, No Man’s Sky creator Sean Murray revealed that another major free update is on the way.... Read more »

LG 2019 OLED TVs start at $2,500, ship in April, just like last year

From CNET LG’s C9 ships next month and costs $3,500 for the 65-inch version here. Sarah Tew/CNET In the last few years LG’s OLED TVs have taken the picture quality crown, and... Read more »

At a quick Los Angeles event, Tesla announces the 300-mile-range Model Y

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Telegram soars after Facebook outage – TechCrunch

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Chinese restaurants caught using fake delivery app licenses

From CNET A food delivery driver in China. Getty Images/Zhang Peng China has more problems when it comes to food. The country’s food regulator has discovered up to 35,000 restaurants illegally using... Read more »