Australian company giving away bitcoin for juice



Boost Juice

You thought you had to pay real money for bitcoin? Well you could do that, or you could enter Boost Juice’s competition and win a Bitcoin instead. If you live in Australia, that is. 

The Australian company on Monday announced its latest publicity stuff: it’s giving away one bitcoin — an actual full bitcoin, worth (at time of writing) around $10,500 (AU$13,200), each week for four weeks. All prospective entrants need to do is buy a Boost juice and enter a code in the company’s iOS or Android app.

Bitcoin is the world’s biggest cryptocurrency, a digital store of value that some hope will replace actual monetary transactions in the future.

Boost Juice is an Australian smoothie and juice chain trying to go global. You can’t walk into a shopping mall in Australia without spotting at least three Boost Juice bars. They’re…

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