Apple brings face-tracking to ARKit on iPhone X

From Techcrunch

While many expected Apple to push AR capabilities as the hallmark features for newly-introduced iDevices, in reality, ARKit was largely a footnote in today’s Apple event as the company focused the bulk of attention on features like Face ID and Animoji.

The most notable ARKit announcement was that Apple will be bringing face-tracking support to the AR platform on iPhone X, allowing dev to gain access to front color and depth images from the cameras while tracking face position and a number of expressions in real-time.

In its latest earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook called AR “big and profound” while referencing all the developer excitement in building ARKit experiences. The lone dedicated onstage demo relating to AR at today’s iPhone event just highlighted a tabletop gaming title from Directive Games. The title, which allowed users to physically pan their iPhone across a digital battlefield, showed a lot of similarities to existing VR gaming titles on the market, albeit…

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